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Cincinnati Gas and Electric

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William H. Zimmer



William H. Zimmer was the President of Cincinnati Gas & Electric in 1962.  He is most famous for the William H. Zimmer plant that was constructed in Moscow, Ohio in 1969, however there were problems with the plant and it did not deliver power until after 1975.

Under Zimmer’s leadership at Cincinnati Gas & Electric a number of things occurred.  Lawrenceburg Gas Company, Lawrenceburg Gas Transmission Corporation, and Eastern Indiana Gas Corporation were all acquired by CG&E in 1964.  That same year, they formed the Tri-State Improvement Company, to support the restoration of the riverfront areas of downtown Cincinnati.  Also, the William H. Zimmer power plant was set for construction in 1969.

William H. Zimmer was born in 1906 in Constance, Kentucky.  He attended the University of Cincinnati to further his education.  In 1963, he was appointed to the Ohio Board of Regents by the Governor of Cincinnati, James A. Rhodes until his resignation in 1970.


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